Our Vision –

To work in partnership with our customers to fulfill their business needs, by providing voice and data solutions and services.

To deliver on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards of our industry.

To ensure customer satisfaction and the continued growth and prosperity of VoIP and our employees.

Our Values VoIP lives and works by our core values and strives to pursue and better ourselves on a daily basis.

Trust – We position trust to be our most important value. Trust is something you must earn and everyone in our organisation strives to be trustworthy.

Customer ServiceOur Organisation recognises the importance of customer service and our priority is our customers.

Reliability –We endeavour to be an organisation that delivers promise made to our customers.

LeadershipOur people and our leadership capability deliver a knowledgeable and performance driven organisation.

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Top Rates
Area USD Rate($)
Bangladesh CLI 0.0204
Bangladesh CLI 0.0199
Bangladesh Non 0.0123
India CLI (prem 0.0085
India CLI (stan 0.0082
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